A trailer park is a neighborhood consisting of an area of land where travel trailers rest. The term may also be used to refer to mobile home parks or manufactured home communities.

In the United States, tornadoes and hurricanes often inflict their worst damage on trailer parks, usually because the structures are not secured to the ground and their construction is significantly less able to withstand high wind forces than regular houses. However, most modern manufactured homes are built to withstand high winds as well as a mainstream home, using hurricane straps and proper foundations.

In the United States, the derogatory manner in which trailer parks are discussed is stereotypically assigned because of the belief that people who live in trailer parks are closer to the poverty line and sometimes viewed as lower on the social class ladder. Despite the advances in manufactured home technology, the trailer park stereotype still survives, evidenced in a quote by Presidential adviser James Carville in the course of one of the Clinton White House political scandals, "Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there's no telling what you'll find"," regarding Paula Jones. The stereotype are also seen in pop culture, such as in the cartoon series King of the Hill, Luanne's broken family had been living in a trailer park. Her aunt Peggy Hill once unintentionally uttered "trailer park trash" also hurt her to tears.

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) to living in a trailer park that cause select people from all income levels to favor them over more traditional housing forms. As private land that a trailer owner leases from the trailer park owner the trailer park owner controls all aspects of the park as a private land owner would. Owners may make certain restrictions on who may lease a lot. Also owners or their manager agents conducting park business on their behalf will not allow lawns to be left uncut, homes to enter into disrepair, or unapproved objects to be left laying about outdoors. This goes against many stereotypes of trailer parks but most modern trailer parks are favorable places to live now retaining 10% of the United States population.